Imagine the happiest and nicest businessman you’ve ever met who comes from a humble background and is a self-made success.

Oh, he is also a quadriplegic.

Determined to make the most out of life Michael Warkentin has set out to take as many “trips of a lifetime” as possible, not only to experience the world for himself but to show others what’s possible. “Sitting on a wheelchair” has not slowed him down.

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Our Inspiration

Michael Warkentin

“My message to you is, do not wait to follow your heart’s desires. Life is short and if you do not get what you need, it is your own fault. Spend time envisioning what you really want out of life. Concentrate on every detail of the life you desire and figure out what steps are needed to reach those goals.” ~ Michael Warkentin

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Director Statement

Magi Avila

We would never have enough of these true-life triumphs of the spirit stories: I met Michael Warkentin on the evening of July 1st, 2019. I was on my way home, returning from a photoshoot. The photographer, who was driving us back, asked me if I would mind if he briefly stopped to say hi to a friend. I had just met this photographer and was not comfortable with his request. He insisted.
He said it would only take 10 minutes and that the man he was meeting is an inspiring person. We arrived at Michael’s beautiful 1920’s Long Beach building’s 11th floor Penthouse.
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    Michael in action